Multicultural Australia

As an exploration into multiculturalism in Australia, this video discusses issues faced by the large variety of ethnic groups in Australia and ultimately aims to bust some of the existing multiculturalism myths.
I want the audience to understand the importance of multiculturalism and work to combat racist views. 

MONSU Exam Cheating 

In collaboration with Hamish Jenkins, this animation was produced for MONSU Student Rights and Support. It explains the consequences of cheating in exams as well as where people can go to get support. The video is shown to Monash University students prior to exams and is displayed on the MONSU website and social media pages.

CRI Instructional Design 

This promotional explainer video was created for CRI Instructional Design Australia. It is being used on the company’s website to describe the effective method of training that is CRI and how it can help people to develop engaging training for their workplace.


Fitzroy Legal Service

This short animaton is one of a three-part series created for the not-for-profit law firm Fitzroy Legal service. It relates to the issues of cyber-bullying and stalking and points viewers towards their Law Handbook for futher information and assistance.